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3d Motion Capture Method Based on Kinect Sensor

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DOI: 10.23977/ESAC2020048


Lingda Meng, Lingdi Kong

Corresponding Author

Lingda Meng


It is of great significance to analyze human posture movement in behavior monitoring, movement analysis, medical rehabilitation and other aspects. The traditional attitude sensor needs to be worn on the body, so the movement is easy to be hindered, and it is difficult to restore the real action state. In this paper, a real-time motion capture system is designed based on Kinect camera to capture the motion data of human body. The method and principle of Kinect camera coordinate system conversion to world coordinate system are given in detail. The data can drive the human body bone model drawn by OpenGL in real time after the three-dimensional attitude transformation, which solves the problem that only the human body model established by Kinect with the default bone level can be driven, and accurately reflects the attitude change process of human in the process of motion.


Kinect; motion capture; spatical attitude transformation

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