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Design and Research of the Automatic Hydraulic Testing and Testing Device for Gas Cylinder

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DOI: 10.23977/ESAC2020052


Huang Wei, Zhou Zhou

Corresponding Author

Zhou Zhou


Gas cylinder is a typical storage and transportation equipment, which plays an important role in the national economy. Cylinder hydrostatic test is the core project in cylinder quality inspection, which mainly refers to GB /T 9251-2011 cylinder hydrostatic test method and CGA C-1-2009 methods for pressure testing compressed gas cylinders. These two standards are hydrostatic test by external measurement, which is mainly used to check whether the overpressure bearing capacity of gas cylinder meets the requirements. Hydrostatic test is an essential part of gas cylinder production. Therefore, we must produce a good hydrostatic test device, which will directly affect the reliability, production efficiency and testing efficiency of the gas cylinder quality test results. Firstly, this paper analyzes the detection method of gas cylinder. Then, this paper designs the flow chart of gas cylinder hydraulic testing. At last, this paper designs the testing device of cylinder water pressure detection.


The Automatic Hydraulic Testing; Testing Device; Gas Cylinder

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