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Research on the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Computer Network Technology in the Era of Big Data

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DOI: 10.23977/ESAC2020053


Jiang Wenguang, Ma Jiasai

Corresponding Author

Jiang Wenguang


This article is mainly to big data era the role of artificial intelligence in computer network technology research as the key point is expounded, combined with the present era of big data, the application of the computer network technology as the basis, first of all, the basis of analyzing the artificial intelligence era of big data overview, secondly introduces background of artificial intelligence in computer network technology, and finally from the intrusion detection technology, intelligent firewall technology level, the junk mail system level, system evaluation and network management level, management level further instructions from several aspects, and artificial intelligence in the era of big data is discussed in this paper the role of computer network technology, Highlighting the role of artificial intelligence in improving the efficiency of computer network operation is intended to provide references for relevant research.


Big Data Era Artificial Intelligence; Computer Network Technology; Function; Effective Thinking

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