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Effects of Light Intensity and Photoperiod on Reproductive Performance of Lion Head Geese in Off-Season Production

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DOI: 10.23977/afshn.2024.060104 | Downloads: 24 | Views: 413


Sun Yanjie 1, Liu Yaqun 1, Shi Weibin 2, Zheng Yuzhong 1


1 School of Life Sciences and Food Engineering, Han Shan Normal University, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, China
2 Chaozhou Weibin Livestock Technology Co., Ltd., Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, China

Corresponding Author

Sun Yanjie


In order to investigate the impact of different light intensities and photoperiods on the reproductive performance of Lion Head Geese in off-season breeding, this study employed artificial light sources with intensities of 30lux, 40lux, and 50lux, along with three photoperiod treatments: 6 hours of artificial light+8 hours of natural light, 8 hours of artificial light+6 hours of natural light, and 10 hours of artificial light+4 hours of natural light. Lion Head Geese were grouped accordingly, and their egg production, egg weight, fertilization rate, and hatchability were observed. Experimental Results: In the group exposed to 50lux light intensity with 6 hours of artificial light+8 hours of natural light, lion head geese exhibited the optimal reproductive performance, with average values of egg production (per goose): 35.31±5.04, egg weight: 200.15±16.68 grams, fertilization rate: 84.62±4.23%, and hatchability: 85.92±3.9%. Conclusion: Light intensity and duration significantly affect the reproductive performance of Lion Head Geese, emphasizing the irreplaceable impact of natural light sources.


Lion Head Geese; Off-Season Production; Reproductive Performance


Sun Yanjie, Liu Yaqun, Shi Weibin, Zheng Yuzhong, Effects of Light Intensity and Photoperiod on Reproductive Performance of Lion Head Geese in Off-Season Production. Advances in Food Science and Human Nutrition (2024) Vol.6: 21-29. DOI:


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