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A Study on Translation of Chinese Cuisine from its Metaphors and Culture

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DOI: 10.23977/langl.2018.11001 | Downloads: 231 | Views: 5586


Ming Cai 1


1 School of Foreign Languages, Xinyang Agriculture and Forestry University, Xinyang, China

Corresponding Author

Ming Cai


This essay discusses the translation of Chinese cuisine from the standards and usual ways of menu translation and then draws the attention especially to the metaphor-loaded and culture-loaded food names according to the naming principles and cultural backgrounds. At last, it gives a general view to the principles for the translation of Chinese cuisine.


Chinese Culture, Chinese Cuisine, Translation, Metaphor


Ming, C., A Study on Translation of Chinese Cuisine from its Metaphors and Culture. Lecture Notes on Language and Literature (2018) 1: 10-16.


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