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On the Causes of Tcsl Teachers' Stress and Anxiety Coming from Teaching Online

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DOI: 10.23977/trance.2021.030408 | Downloads: 10 | Views: 932


Li Yue 1


1 International College of Chinese Studies (Iccs), Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, 200030, China

Corresponding Author

Li Yue


Teachers' psychological and emotional conditions plays a vital and essential impact on their students and the whole teaching and learning process. Based on the interviews with teachers and their students and classroom observation, the Online teaching and learning activities puts some amount of stress and burden on TCSL (teaching Chinese as a second language) teachers when they have to make sure their online teaching has the same good effects as their offline teaching. This paper centres on the features of online teaching from TCSL teachers’ perspective, and make a detailed analysis on the factors contributing their fears and anxieties from 3 different angles of physical teaching settings, their foreign students and TCSL teachers themselves. In the last part, some measures which potentially works well are put forward to reduce TCSL teachers fears and anxieties, giving a helping hand to them to carry out their online teaching more effectively.


Tcsl teachers, Online teaching and learning, Stress and anxiety


Li Yue. On the Causes of Tcsl Teachers' Stress and Anxiety Coming from Teaching Online. Transactions on Comparative Education (2021) Vol. 3: 42-49. DOI:


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