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The Inter-Comparison of Manchu-Tungusic Languages

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DOI: 10.23977/langl.2019.21001 | Downloads: 49 | Views: 4194


Qingge Chen 1


1 Class 2AP3, Xi'an Gaoxin No.1 High School, Xi’an, China

Corresponding Author

Qingge Chen


Manchu-Tungusic Languages, also called Tungusic Languages, refer to the languages spoken by Tungusic nations in East Siberia and Manchuria. Most languages in this language family belong to agglutinative languages. The typical word order is subject-object-verb. And they show complex systems of vowel harmony.


Manchu-Tungusic Languages, Agglutinative Languages, Subject-object-verb


Qingge, C., The Inter-Comparison of Manchu-Tungusic Languages, Lecture Notes on Language and Literature (2019) 2: 1-5.


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