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Research on the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Machine Translation

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DOI: 10.23977/jaip.2020.040201 | Downloads: 40 | Views: 1048


Wang LingZhi 1


1 Busan University of Foreign Studies, Busan, Korea

Corresponding Author

Wang LingZhi


Under the influence of the development of big data and cloud computing technology, machine translation based on artificial intelligence has gradually entered people's lives. Compared with manual translation, machine translation is inexpensive, convenient and practical, and can translate text anytime, anywhere, and can meet the translation needs of more than a hundred languages, but machine translation is not culturally sensitive, and cannot connect text and language mood. In this regard, in-depth analysis of the similarities and differences between human translation and machine translation, and research on the development strategy of the translation industry at this stage based on the future of human translation, and ultimately promote the synchronization of human translation and machine translation while continuously improving the translation level of translators' development.


Artificial intelligence, Machine translation, Manual translation


Wang LingZhi. Research on the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Machine Translation. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Practice (2021) Vol. 4: 1-3. DOI:


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