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The Low-Voltage Distribution Area of Theoretical Line Loss is Obtained by Using the Load Power of Cattle Rafah

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DOI: 10.23977/jaip.2020.040210 | Downloads: 10 | Views: 882


Dongyue Sun 1, Haibo Ruan 1


1 Anhui Nanrui Jiyuan Power Grid Technology Co., Ltd., Hefei, Anhui Province, China

Corresponding Author

Dongyue Sun


As the calculating low-voltage distribution area theoretical line loss and the use of remote automatic meter reading system to raise the level of line loss management, put forward a kind of low pressure is obtained by using the load power.


Low-voltage distribution area, Theoretical line loss, Equivalent resistance method, Line loss management


Dongyue Sun, Haibo Ruan. The Low-Voltage Distribution Area of Theoretical Line Loss is Obtained by Using the Load Power of Cattle Rafah. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Practice (2021) Vol. 4: 60-70. DOI:


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