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Exploration of English-Chinese Cultural Conflicts and Teaching Methods in English Teaching Based on Communicative Needs

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DOI: 10.23977/langl.2021.41011 | Downloads: 10 | Views: 806




1 Wuhan College of Arts & Sciences, Wuhan, Hubei 430345, China

Corresponding Author



Language is the carrier of culture. In English teaching, students are not only exposed to English language knowledge, but also understand English culture from language. This paper aims to help students understand the differences and conflicts between English and Chinese cultures in the process of language learning, guide English teachers to realize the close correlation between language and culture, and drive students into the road of cultural integration. Due to the different traditions and customs between English and Chinese culture, there are great differences in people's way of life, way of thinking, values and language habits. Many daily behaviors also have obvious cultural differences in the communication activities between the two languages. In the cross-cultural communication between China and the west, cultural conflicts are common, which seriously affects the smooth progress of communication. Therefore, it is necessary for us to find out the deep-seated reasons and take certain measures to cultivate the ability of cross-cultural communication and avoid cultural conflicts. Through the exploration of cultural differences between English and Chinese vocabulary, this paper compares the differences in structure, connotation and emotional color between English and Chinese vocabulary under the background of two languages and cultures, and discusses how to integrate cultural knowledge into English vocabulary teaching, strengthen the understanding of vocabulary, improve the efficiency of vocabulary teaching and expand students' vocabulary.


English teaching, Cultural conflict between english and chinese, Exploration of teaching methods


Lu CHEN, Exploration of English-Chinese Cultural Conflicts and Teaching Methods in English Teaching Based on Communicative Needs. Lecture Notes on Language and Literature (2021) 4: 68-72. DOI:


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