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A Study on the Translation of Ceramic Cultural and Creative Industry

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DOI: 10.23977/curtm.2022.050113 | Downloads: 15 | Views: 290


Jingyi Sun 1, Lun Wang 1


1 Jingdezhen Ceramic University, Jingdezhen, 333403, China

Corresponding Author

Jingyi Sun


Ceramic cultural and creative industry, as a recently emerged distinctive industry, can boost the world’s ceramic communication and economic development. The translator of ceramic cultural and creative industry should bear in mind the responsibility of cross-cultural communication and try to spread the ceramic culture of the source language to the world through translation.


Ceramic culture, Creative industry, Translation, Spread


Jingyi Sun, Lun Wang, A Study on the Translation of Ceramic Cultural and Creative Industry. Curriculum and Teaching Methodology (2022) Vol. 5: 60-65. DOI:


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