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Study of Local Chronicles from the Perspective of Folklore

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DOI: 10.23977/langl.2019.21003 | Downloads: 18 | Views: 3157


Bingliang Guo 1


1 School of Chinese language and literature, Shanxi normal university, Linfen, Shanxi 041004, China

Corresponding Author

Bingliang Guo


Originated from the Han dynasties, local Chronicles writing experienced a long process of development from geography books and maps to fang local Chronicles in Song and Yuan dynasties. The classic of the Ming and Qing dynasties has become a place that covers many aspects of regional politics, economy and culture. When studying local Chronicles of Fuxian County in Ming and Qing dynasties, the customs and historical materials in local Chronicles of Ming and Qing dynasties are quite remarkable. From the perspective of folkloric literature, the folkloric data in local Chronicles are complicated and complicated, and on the whole, there are different versions of local Chronicles in the same region, which are unable to reconstruct the origin of folk customs. From the perspective of the view of customs, the historical documents of customs in the local records of Ming and Qing dynasties should not only be limited to the local records of customs, but also should be studied on the records of art and literature, characters, etc., so as to comprehensively grasp the customs of the local records of Ming and Qing dynasties.


folklore literature, folklore history, folklore history


Bingliang Guo, Study of Local Chronicles from the Perspective of Folklore. Lecture Notes on Language and Literature (2019) 1: 9-15. DOI:


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