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Design of Multi-Dimensional Damping Platform Based on MR Damper

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DOI: 10.23977/jeeem.2021.040102 | Downloads: 13 | Views: 521


Weijie Zhang 1, Cheng Qian 1, Peiyuan Sun 1, Yucheng Ji 1


1 College of Information Science and Engineering, Jiaxing University,118# Jiahang road, Jiaxing, China

Corresponding Author

Cheng Qian


Due to the multi-dimensional damping platform obtained by traditional vibration isolation technology can't meet the requirements of multi occasions, multi states and multi DOF, a multi-dimensional damping platform based on magnetorheological damper is proposed. By changing the link mode between the dynamic platform and the static platform to achieve the vibration reduction goal under different DOF, a multi-dimensional vibration reduction platform model based on the parallel structure design under 3-PRC is given. The spherical joint is connected in parallel with the static platform to meet the vibration reduction requirements of each branch under different directional excitation. In the meantime, the use of MR damper can achieve the purpose of multi-dimensional vibration reduction with continuous and forward and inverse adjustable damping force, large adjustable extent and fast reaction speed. It provides a more effective idea for the design of multi-dimensional damping platform working under variable excitation conditions.


Multidimensional Damping Platform, Spherical Hinge, Magnetorheological Damper, Parallel Connection, Degrees of Freedom


Weijie Zhang, Cheng Qian, Peiyuan Sun, Yucheng Ji. Design of Multi-Dimensional Damping Platform Based on MR Damper. Journal of Electrotechnology, Electrical Engineering and Management (2021) Vol. 4: 7-14. DOI:


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