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Antennas and Propagation

ISSN 2523-2304

Aims & Scope

The journal promotes and expedites the dissemination of new research results.There is an exciting and large volume of research activity in the field worldwide.The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for academicians and scientists all over the world to share, promote, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of antennas and propagation.

All manuscripts must be prepared in English and are subject to a rigorous and fair peer-review process. Generally, accepted papers will appear online within 3 weeks followed by printed hard copy. The journal publishes original papers including but not limited to the following fields:

1. Antennas

Antenna theoretical methods/Antenna theory
Electromagnetic theoretical aspects
Hybrid methods in electromagnetic problems
High frequency and asymptotic methods
Computational and numerical techniques
Optimisation methods in EM
Antenna interactions
Antenna systems and architectures
Metamaterials and metasurfaces
Transformation electromagnetics
EBG for antennas
Active and integrated antennas
Micro-structure and nano-antennas
Millimetre-wave antennas
Submillimetre-wave and Terahertz antennas
Conformal antennas
Multiband antennas
Wideband antennas
Reflector, feed systems, and components
Lens & radomes
Waveguide and leaky-wave antennas
Small antennas
Antenna sensors
Wearable antennas
Wire antennas
Planar antennas
Array antennas
Reflect arrays and transmit arrays
Frequency and polarisation selective surfaces
Adaptive and reconfigurable antennas
UWB antennas and time-domain techniques
Smart antennas & signal processing
Compact multiple antenna-systems
Massive MIMO
3D-printed antenna technologies
Imaging, sensing, and radar antennas
Antennas for wireless power transmission and harvesting

2. Propagation

Propagation theory
Ray tracing and numerical simulation techniques
Propagation modelling and simulation
Imaging and inverse scattering
Scattering, diffraction, and RCS
Measurement techniques
Millimetre-wave propagation for wireless networks
UWB propagation
HF propagation
Body-area propagation
Indoor propagation
Urban propagation
Satellite propagation
Trans-ionospheric and tropospheric propagation
Propagation for vehicular communications
Propagation in biological tissues
Propagation in vegetated areas
Radar, localisation, and sensing
MIMO channel modelling
Channel sounding and parameter estimation techniques

3. Antenna and RCS Measurement Techniques

General antenna measurements
Techniques and tools for RF material characterisation
Test range modelling and validation
Radar scattering measurement and calibration techniques
Near-field, far-field, compact, and RCS test ranges
Data acquisition, imaging algorithms, and processing methods
EMI/EMC/PIM chambers, instrumentation, and measurements
Over-The-Air (OTA) multipath testing
Dosimetry, exposure, and SAR assessment
Satellite and aerospace antenna characterisation
Millimetre-wave antenna measurements
Advanced post-processing and diagnostics
Advances in MIMO and OTA testing


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